Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trader Joe's Woodfired Silician Pizza- TOTALLY YUM.

Happy Sunday everyone!
I spent my entire day cleaning and doing laundry.. and totally forgot to take my frozen crock pot meals out and put in said crock pot. Oops.

I had to run out and get drinks anyways- we were running out. I walked all 3 minutes to the Trader Joes. (I love the location of our apartment. I can get to CVS, Trader Joes, Frozen Yogurt, Pet store, and this Spring they are adding a CHIPOTLE! AHHH!!)

I brought back the Organic Woodfired Silician Style Pizza for dinner, because I was feeling lazy and DID NOT want to make dinner. I literally cleaned all day... bleached...vacuumed.. did dishes... LAST THING I wanted to do was cook.

We hadn't tried this before, but I find that Trader Joe's frozen meals are usually a safe bet. There are few I dislike. Hubby and I split it. It was a little small to split, but luckily hubby got impatient and made a tuna fish sammy before dinner- so he wasn't STARVING. 

Here are the nutrition facts, if you are interested: (for one pizza....)

Calories- 781
Total Fat- 30 g
Sodium- 1712 mg
Total Carbs- 105 g
Fiber- 3 g
Sugars- 6 g
Protein- 33 g

On top of the frozen pizza, I added:
-Extra mozzarella cheese
-Italian seasoning
-Garlic Powder.

(This is my GO TO addition to ANY frozen pizza. It adds an extra element of yummy)

During cooking, you thaw out this red pepper oil (place the frozen pack in water)- and then drizzle it on the pizza halfway through cooking.

HOLY YUM! This Pizza was UNBELIEVABLE. I give it an B+ rating.

This may be my new favorite thing. 

The oil gives just the perfect element of spicy,  and the pizza itself is blasting with flavor. Seriously, if you go to Trader Joe's soon... get this.

Now, what's for dinner TOMORROW?!?! I am taking another day off from Crock Potting....

I am having some friends over and we are going to be having a MEXICAN FIESTA! We are going

I am going to make rice, beans, guacamole, and chicken enchiladas!!  I'll post the recipe to my chicken enchiladas, but they are so easy and basic. BUT DELISH. OH GOD ARE THEY DELISH!

I have NEVER made guacamole, but Trader Joe's sells this "Guacamole" kit, that includes the garlic, tomatoes, limes, peppers, avocados... and some other stuff.

We shall see how successful I am.

On another note...  I realized that last time I went grocery shopping, I was so focused on my crock pot meals, I didn't think outside the box. I don't have any ingredients now for a "I am hungry, and need something quick" meal, OR any lunches.

Here is my plan, next time I go shopping.

On my grocery list, I am going to include:
 -My ingredients for my Crock Pot Meals
-Ingredients for 2 home made meals
-1 or 2 quick meals (Maybe some frozen to just be thrown in the oven, instead of crock pot?... grilled cheese sammy and soup, etc)
-AND... MOST IMPORTANTLY..  lunch makings. 

I always tend to skip lunch. And I ALWAYS skip Breakfast. I know it is NOT good for me to only eat dinner, but I just get carried away with doing other stuff during the day.

And I CANNOT stand breakfast. So here is my challenge to myself... find a way to make EASY breakfast. OR, find a good morning shake that I can make on the go. 

Okay, tomorrow- look for my CHICKEN ENCHILADA RECIPE (which will include how to boil chicken, which is pretty self explanatory, but you never know.)

I'll also post pictures of my guacamole attempt.. we shall see.

OH and, along with the cleaning came the taking down Christmas decorations. I am very sad, but during my cleaning I found this AMAZING AMAZING lantern from our wedding last year. It was in a box in a corner.. and decided to make it the focus of my table, since I took down my Christmas centerpiece.

What do we think? 

Lots of love Interwebs.



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